Lucy’s portrait work has a fluid, painterly quality which does not try to disguise itself as photography. Her approach is driven by the character of her subject. Whether it is a rapid charcoal drawing of child or a large-scale oil portrait, Lucy works directly from life which she believes is essential in capturing a powerful psychological and physical sense of the subject. She is able to get a startling likeness very quickly. Sittings with Lucy take two to three hours, and depending on the size, an oil portrait takes two to ten sittings to complete.

In 2003 Lucy exhibited her portrait of Jimmy Carr at Christie’s as part of the Garrick Milne Prize. In April 2005 she exhibited a self-portrait in the Royal Society of Portrait Painter’s annual exhibition.




Ellie, oil on paper, 2016, 28 x 38 cm
Will, oil on paper, 2016, 28 x 38 cm
Alan, Oil on canvas, 2008
Alan, oil on canvas, 2008
Katharine, Oil on canvas, 2001
Katharine, oil on canvas, 2001
Edward, Oil on canvas, 2006
Edward, oil on canvas, 2006
Ellie, Oil on canvas, 2001
Ellie, oil on canvas, 2001
Jimmy Carr
Jimmy Carr, oil on canvas, 2003
Jonathan, Oil on canvas, 2002
Jonathan, oil on canvas, 2002
Olivia, Oil on canvas, 2006
Olivia, oil on canvas, 2006
Roger, Oil on canvas, 2003
Roger, oil on canvas, 2003
Rosie, Oil on canvas, 2005
Rosie, oil on canvas, 2005
William, Oil on canvas, 2006
William, oil on canvas, 2006